About Us

About Us

WATER SOLUTIONS is a consortium of dedicated scientists, well known for their expertise in ground water sector for exploration, assessment, development and management, including artificial recharge and rain water harvesting in varied hydrogeological environs. Their unparalleled expertise, in hydrogeological, geophysical and geochemical investigations (utilizing advance technologies and advance analytical tools such as Remote Sensing, GIS, Ground Water Modeling and geo-statistics) and their proficiency in water well drilling, has earned them recognition as stalwarts in ground water segment. WATER SOLUTIONS possesses the capability of using modern scientific techniques and analytical tools, supported with latest computer software which is most appropriate for handling data for scientific investigations relating to ground water development and management..


Constantly and consistently aiming at maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism dropEager to evaluate our inputs with clients for achieving our primary goal of sustainable development of ground water. dropCommitted to delivering quality service that adds value to our clients’ long-term business success..

Key Attributes and Objectives

WATER SOLUTIONS is committed to providing best value-for-money services to our clients. Some key attributes that help us in fulfilling our objectives are: Relationships - Maintaining healthy relationships, building partnerships and adopting policies that would improve water and business management and support sustainable regional development Delivering Results - Focused approach to cater the needs of our clients. Partnership - Establishing and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships, in order to provide solutions for the possible (future) operational issues of serviceability, operational costs and maintenance costs. Sustainability - Contributing to the long-term economic, environmental and cultural growth of our clients. Perfectionist - Reviewing and suggesting improvements for the in-house operational systems adopted by our clients. Innovative - Developing new scientific, practical and simpler methods of solving problems and fulfilling needs. Preeminent Solutions - Presenting alternatives & helping our client select the best alternative that meets their needs (agreed standards) & budget (Price effective)..


Top priorities - Safety, customer service and efficiency. Cooperation - based on shared visions and integration of strategies. Transparency - building trust and sharing information with clients for ensuring better understanding. Sustainability - our commitment to future generations. Our Assets - Integrity, sincerity, competence and taking pride in our work. Continual improvement - the key to success..

Our Mission